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Hey everyone, I've been looking around for a new pen tablet since I had to pass my ancient Graphire on to my sister. Now I need a tablet to get me through working on commissions, my job (I actually started working full-time recently as a graphic designer while borrowing my friend's tablet), and school.

I'm most comfortable with the medium format (8x6"), and I'm looking at the Intuos4 right now. Does anyone have any experience/insight to share with me? Any would be very much appreciated, as I need to buy one ASAP!

And as for commissions, I've barely had any room to work on them because of my job and preparing for Momocon, but I will hopefully be getting more progress updates out after the convention this weekend.
★★ For the two people currently negotiating commissions with me (Kyandi and Tokyo-Trends)-- you're the last ones for a while.

I've realized that I need to start limiting commissions again so I can get the ones I have done faster. I also have a job now to save up for moving out this fall. I'm going to run my commissions on a slot basis now, which will be much more efficient and allow me to set my priorities better!

1. Sam- working
2. Ashley- finished
3. Ren- finished
4. Kyandi- under negotiation
5. Tokyo-Trends- under negotiation

* Also continuously working for Minty Mix

Once I am done with all of these, I will reopen commissions, but limit myself to only three at a time.


I am also preparing for Momocon. It's actually my last Artists Alley, and if I decide to do it again, I will probably only do AA at Momocon from now on... The reason why is that I haven't had many pleasant con experiences, and I really want to start cosplaying more and actually enjoying cons haha;; But I'm planning on cosplaying genderbent Panty, and I'm hopefully going to be able to make Kurokichi from Monokuro Kitan in time too. So I hope to see some of you guys there! Momocon is at a new location this year, so everything's going to be different-- it makes me nervous, but lets see how it turns out since it's a growing con : )